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4 ways Smart watches Help Protect Your Child From Going Missing
4 ways Smart watches Help Protect Your Child From Going Missing

4 ways Smart watches Help Protect Your Child From Going Missing

by Monday, February 1, 2016

4 ways Smart watches Help Protect Your Child From Going Missing
[Smartwatch for kids]

There is no nightmare worse for parents than losing their child. Whether the kid wanders off from her family in a big mall or an abductor snatching her away, the panic and the resulting anguish that will be felt by both the mum and dad is beyond description.

These days, fortunately, we are seeing a range of wearable devices popping up that protects children from going missing. Smart watches, for instance, are equipped with technologies that, when worn on a child, enable sensing, monitoring and communication. These features safeguard the child and make it possible for the parents to locate him or her immediately should the unthinkable happen.
Now, before you rush out to buy that smart watch, here’s what you should look out for in these gizmos [smart watch for kids]:

smart watches for kids

Child tracking through radio frequency and GPS. Some smart watches can be as simplistic as employing radio frequency that allows the mum to make sure her little one doesn’t go missing in small areas like supermarkets. It’s like a wireless leash. Both watch and the mum’s mobile will beep when the child ambles too far away from the mum.  More sophisticated smart watches have a GPS system that covers the entire world, allowing you to pin down – via a map on your smartphone or tablet – where your child is.

Virtual fencing.
Virtual fencing works with a smart phone map, allowing the parent to draw boundaries or “virtual fences” around certain areas such as the kid’s school or the park near home. A warning will be sent to the parent’s phone if the kid decides to take a stroll outside the drawn boundaries.

smartwatch for kids

Smartwatch for Kids – Help Protect Your Child From Going Missing

Preset number calling.
Your child is allowed to call the numbers you have programmed into the watch. Conversely, the smart watch will only receive calls from these numbers. Some smart watches take this feature one step further: if, for whatever reason, your child doesn’t answer a call from your mobile – a preset number – after a while, the call will be put through anyway so you can listen in and assess the situation he is in.

Wellbeing monitoring.
Many smart watches are also armed with a plethora of sensors to track your kid’s wellbeing. Ambient temperature and heartrate, just to name a couple, can be monitored to let you know how active she is or whether she is at risk of getting a sunstroke.
Smart watches offer parents a good first-level protection against losing their children. Every second counts when one is trying to locate a missing child. With smart watches, parents will be notified within seconds if anything untoward happens, rather than them only becoming aware of a missing kid after he has been gone for several minutes.
Your child’s safety lies in your hands. And on his wrist.

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