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5 Exercises to Do When You’re Stuck in Traffic
5 Exercises to Do When You’re Stuck in Traffic

5 Exercises to Do When You’re Stuck in Traffic

by Friday, September 14, 2018

Traffic jams – the bane of every Malaysian’s existence, especially those of us unfortunate enough to live and work in big cities. However, one way to take advantage of these long listless congestions is to have a little exercise routine that will keep you both occupied and healthy (sort of).

In the spirit of AXA’s Step It Up campaign, here are 5 exercises you can attempt to do the next time you’re in your car, stuck in yet another traffic jam.

  1. Give your neck some love

Neck-Mobility-The-Basic-Range-of-Motion-for-the-Neckpic credit: (via

If you drive, sit, stand, sleep – basically, if you’re human – you’re sure to get neck discomfort at some point. The possible problem: your posture. Check your posture while driving by straightening your spine and keeping your neck up. If you’re in standstill traffic, take the time to stretch your neck and pull your shoulders back to relieve some stress.

  1. Don’t shoulder that pain

Shoulder ache? Here’s what you can do: move your shoulders up and then roll them backwards while holding your steering wheel. Gently pull them down towards your tailbone and repeat this movement a couple of times. Watch the shoulder stress melt away!

  1. Relax, it’s only traffic!


Many of us forget that during stressful traffic situations, we tend to grip our steering wheels tightly. Instead of doing that, try gripping your steering wheel tightly for 5 seconds and then loosening your grip. Repeat 20 times, while keeping your back straight. You will immediately feel more relaxed!

  1. Work out your trunk


pic credit:

Ahhh, don’t we all love this stretch? Major relief alert! All you need to do it, twist your mid-section (trunk) to one side, hold for 5 seconds, and then rest. Repeat 5 times for the same side, and the move to the other side. This exercise helps loosen your trunk muscles and lower back.

  1. Get rid of back numbness

Ever experienced numb buttocks due to hours of sitting in traffic jams? No worries, we have just the thing for you! Whether you’re the driver or passenger, all you need to do is squeeze your gluteal muscles and hold for 5 seconds. Release, rest and repeat 5 times. This exercise increases blood flow to the area, and relieves numbness and pain. Try it!

Just a note: we recommend you try these exercises only when your car is fully stopped. Be careful of oncoming traffic and always keep your eyes on the road!



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