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7 Ways To Not Let A Cancer Diagnosis Define You
7 Ways To Not Let A Cancer Diagnosis Define You

7 Ways To Not Let A Cancer Diagnosis Define You

by Friday, May 6, 2016

Being diagnosed with cancer is nightmarish. It is not something anyone ever wants to encounter. But here’s the thing – regardless of your age, gender or race, cancer does not discriminate. So Instead of sulking and getting all depressed and allowing cancer to drain the life out of you, stand up and fight it today. Do not let cancer take away everything you love, including the life you once enjoyed. Read: 7 Ways To Not Let A Cancer Diagnosis Define You.


1 Be Positive

How we face life’s obstacles defines us. Hearing the words you have cancer can be frightening and before you know it your mind starts to race to all the countless therapies, treatments, doctor’s visits and uncertainties. Now stop there a minute. Here is where you got to realise, like in every obstacle, cancer is no different and so you must not let it define you. The key to overcoming cancer, is to realise the importance of keeping a positive mind so you can focus better, heal and look towards a healthier future.


2 Make time with family and friends a priority

Doctor’s appointments and cancer treatments can put a toll on you. So it is important to seek emotional support from family and friends. Taking time to spend with your loved ones can bring a lot of encouragement and help you take your mind from constant worry about doctor’s appointments and treatment follow-ups.


3 Seek help

Cancer can put you in a week and vulnerable state. Therefore, it is important to seek help and advice from family, friends or cancer support groups. You need to know that there are people who are willing to help and so it is important to not be afraid to ask for help.


4 Talk or write about your struggle

Do not hold on to your struggle. Learn to let them go by talking to family or friends or writing them down. Sometimes journaling your pain or hurt can bring more ease than you know it. Besides, by sharing your struggle or writing them down, it might become an inspiration to someone, someday.


5 Embrace your hobbies

The best way to shake of cancer is to do something you love. This one of the best ways to rediscover your passion or hobbies again. This could include sports, dancing, reading your favourite novels, or going for hike. Embracing your hobbies will improve your life and keep you happy and motivated.


6 Do what you always wanted

Whatever you age is, do not let cancer stop you from living your dreams. If there is a goal or dream you have yet to achieve, make it happen now. Whether it is to start a business, get a college degree or travel to country you have not been before, do not let cancer steal your dreams. Relive these dreams again.


7 Let go and live in the moment

Do not let cancer consume the life of you. Deciding to let go of your fear of cancer is the first step you can ever make to living a passionate and joyful life you deserve. Let go of your worries – for the best way to survive cancer is to simply live!


Cancer is a physically and emotionally painful journey that no one ever wants to encounter or face in their lifetime. Still, that does not mean you should let it control you. Instead of worrying, walk, live and enjoy your life one moment at a time.



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