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A Day In The Lives of Joe and Nick

by Monday, November 18, 2019


Meet Joe. He loves his family a lot! He’s the father of 2 children, and his wife is a homemaker who bakes cakes and sells them for extra income.


Meet Nick. He loves his family a lot too! Just like Joe, his wife is a homemaker, and they have 1 son together.

Both Joe and Nick are colleagues, working in the same team. They’re good friends too, and often go out for lunch and even dinner together if they’re working late.

Want to know the one major difference between Joe and Nick? Joe has bought the AXA eMedic Family Plan for himself and his family. Nick has been planning to buy, but hasn’t had the time to visit the eMedic website.


One fateful day…


Both Joe’s and Nick’s sons are sick! Oh no – the symptoms look serious and the boys need medical attention immediately!


Joe tells his wife, “Don’t worry dear, we have the AXA eMedic Family Plan – let’s take him to the hospital immediately.”

Nick tells his wife, “Oh no, this month’s budget is almost all used up – let’s take him to the clinic and see what the doctor says.”


Looks like a case of stomach flu! Joe’s son gets immediate medical attention and a double-bed room at the hospital, thanks to AXA eMedic Family Plan! Such a lifesaver for Joe’s family – and best part is, no cash is needed!

Nick’s son goes to the clinic. Looks like a case of stomach flu! Doctor recommends going to the hospital immediately. Left with no choice, Nick takes his son to a private hospital and pays to get him admitted.


After 4 days in the hospital…

Joe’s son is completely recovered, and is 100% back to normal. Joe and his wife are so happy! They could not have managed without AXA eMedic Family Plan.

Nick, however, has received the bill for his son’s stay. RM10,000! Oh no, he’s close to fainting!

You see, all it takes for Nick to get AXA eMedic Family Plan is 10 minutes and RM150 per month. However his procrastination has caused delay in his son seeking the right treatment and also eaten a big amount of Nick’s lifetime savings.

Don’t wait – AXA eMedic Family Plan could be your saviour! We have your family’s best interests at heart.

AXA eMedic – fast, easy and affordable. Click here to buy!

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