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Breaking Bad wouldn’t exist if Walter White had insurance
Breaking Bad wouldn’t exist if Walter White had insurance

Breaking Bad wouldn’t exist if Walter White had insurance

by Friday, January 12, 2018

Are you a fan of Breaking Bad? The hit AMC series tells the story of a high-school teacher who finds out he has Stage 3 lung cancer and ends up selling drugs to leave an inheritance behind for his family. The protagonist, Walter White, transitions from family man to much-feared drug kingpin within 5 seasons.

Everything in the series is a chain of reactions to his cancer diagnosis. However, could Walter White have seen a happier ending if he had cancer insurance?

Spoiler alert: the answer is YES, quite possibly so. In fact, Breaking Bad would not exist if Walter White had cancer insurance.

In the series, when Walter is diagnosed with cancer at 50, he is an underpaid teacher who works part-time in a car wash, and he has a pregnant wife and a son diagnosed with cerebral palsy. You hear Skyler, Walter’s wife, haggling with credit card companies about payment terms. You could say the family’s financials just weren’t up to par.

As a family with financial struggles, it is safe to assume insurance would not be on top of the list of priorities – in fact, half the people in the US say they don’t see a “need to pay for insurance” when they have other things to spend on.

It is true – the running myth is that insurance is expensive. That myth can be busted right now. In the US, cancer insurance typically costs around $20 to $40 a month. In Malaysia, cancer insurance will set you back around RM80 a month for the full package – that translates to around RM2.60 a day.


Peace of mind is priceless, we say. We’re sure Walter White would have agreed with us.

When Walter White started making blue meth to sell and make an inheritance for his family, money was his main motivation. Knowing that with lung cancer, death is imminent, he wanted to make sure he left behind a sizable sum so that his wife and children would not need to suffer.

Little did Walter know, insurance has after-death benefits too! Probably not cancer insurance, which is disease-specific, but life insurance gives out cash payments to the family of any policy holder who is deceased. All he would have had to pay was a monthly premium which would have cost less than a gallon of gas.

Could insurance have saved Walter White? Could Walter White have benefited from some insurance advice, and not turned to drug-making in his 50s as a sick man? Could Breaking Bad cease to exist, had Walter made some sound financial decisions earlier in his life?

We guess we may never know – but we’re not complaining!

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