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Dengue: Why Malaysians Should Start Taking This Disease Seriously
Dengue: Why Malaysians Should Start Taking This Disease Seriously

Dengue: Why Malaysians Should Start Taking This Disease Seriously

by Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I have heard of dengue many times but never took it seriously. Even after reading countless of stories and articles, dengue never came across to me as a life threatening disease and that it could snatch your life in just a snap till I watched a friend who was infected with the virus.

When my friend was attacked by a very high fever, unusual body pains and chills we immediately rushed to University Malaya Hospital for admission. Unfortunately even after my friend was declared dengue positive, the doctors send him home with some tablets to reduce the fever and chills since the blood platelets were not low enough for immediate medical attention. No doubt the medication did a good job in reducing the high body temperature and chills, but little did we know that the sneaky virus was silently working internally. On the very next day, when we went to do another blood test, we found out that the blood platelet was dropping very rapidly. While my friend was looking all high-spirited and cheery on the outside, internally the virus was working full force. As advised by the doctors at the clinic, we visited General Hospital Kuala Lumpur this time, where upon admission, we were quickly rushed into the emergency ward as the doctors could not detect any pulse in my friend’s body and the blood platelet was dropping to a dangerously low level.


Dengue is lethal. It is a life threatening disease and it could snatch your life away without warning. While medically there are symptoms or warning signs to alert dengue, still, many have died all too sudden without proper warning or chance for immediate medical attention.

Frighteningly, we ourselves are left to blame for our continuous ignorance on government and media awareness and for neglecting our health and living hygiene. Instead of closing a blind eye once more, it is time we took care of ourselves for once. Read Dengue: Why Malaysians Should Start Taking This Disease Seriously.

1.Dengue is deadly

Dengue is a serious, and lethal disease. It kills without warning. It is mainly caused due to global warming and man’s foolish ignorance. So as long as people continue to ignore the warning signs, high incidences and death tolls, dengue statistics are certain to increase.


2. Main Reasons For dengue



Most cases of dengue is caused by unhygienic environment. The human blood and cooler living spaces is where the Aedes mosquito loves to lurk, so it is important to check inside your homes, pet water dishes, toilets, refrigerators and drainages to ensure it is clean and is not an accessible breeding ground for the Aedes mosquito.

Besides, taking care of your health is also vital to strengthen your body’s immunity to fight off diseases.


3. How does the dengue virus spread?

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The dengue virus has only one sole host – humans! So how it works is when a healthy mosquito bites a sick human, the virus developed in the mosquitoes salivary gland is then passed on to the next human. And it is important to remember that each potential victim is a diner for the virus. So taking care of your health matters as anyone is at risk of getting dengue.


4. How to prevent dengue


 pest control cartoon

Many of us think that by getting the health authorities to spray and fumigate the surrounding area of our home and neighbourhoods will immediately prevent dengue from spreading. In actual this is not true. Spraying and fumigating will only destroy countless harmless insects, while the real criminal roams freely in our homes. So to kill the dengue mosquito is to attack it right inside our homes.


5. What happens if you have dengue?



Take it seriously. Many have died for not taking action sooner. A dengue fever usually develops within 4 to 7 days after a person has been bitten by the infected mosquito. Symptoms include severe headache, joint and muscle pain, skin rash, nausea, vomiting and bleeding. If you or someone you know has dengue, immediately seek medical attention. Don’t wait on it. In severe cases, you may need hospitalization and serious emergency treatment. So be sure to visit the doctor sooner you start exhibiting symptoms of the disease.




The number of dengue cases in the country is increasing with thousands of new cases being reported weekly. To prevent dengue, simply start by taking care of your surroundings and environment and most importantly, make sure you have enough additional cash in case you are hospitalized due to dengue. Click Here to learn more.





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