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Do you have cancer?

by Friday, January 25, 2019

We talk about cancer and read about cancer, but do we actually know what cancer is? Do YOU know what cancer is, and what are its warning signs?

Wait a minute – cancer has warning signs? YES, in fact there are 7 warning signs of cancer that we should all take note of – they could make a significant difference in our prognosis!

According to the World Health Organisation, the 7 warning signs are:

  1. Unusual bleeding/discharge
    Usually the bleeding is seen in urine or stools. Also, take note if you see discharge coming out of your reproductive organs or breasts.
  1. Sores which just don’t seem to heal
    Be mindful of any sore that seems to be getting bigger, doesn’t seem to be getting better over time, gets more painful or starts bleeding.
  1. Lump in the breast/other organs
    When doing self-examinations (which we highly encourage!), look out for lumps in your breast, scrotum or any unusual lump on other parts of the body.
  1. A nagging cough
    Notice a change in your voice, or got a cough that persists no matter what you do? Get it checked out! Another sign would be coughing up phlegm with dots of blood.
  1. Change in bowel/bladder habits
    Sudden diarrhea or constipation can be a worry point, also blood in stool and urine. Also note change in shape, size, consistency or colour of stool when you visit the washroom.
  1. Difficulty in swallowing
    If you find it difficult to eat or drink because of a “pressure” in your chest or if you feel full with very small amounts of food, do get yourself a doctor’s appointment.
  1. Physical changes in moles
    When it comes to detecting change in moles, follow the ABCD rule:

    • Asymmetry – Does the mole look the same on all sides?
    • Border – Are the borders jagged or sharp?
    • Colour – What is the colour of the mole? Has it changed?
    • Diameter – Is the mole bigger than a pencil eraser (6mm)?

Please do note that having one or more of these symptoms is not a sure sign of cancer. If you suffer from any of the above, do make an appointment with your doctor for a full scan.

Like our mums say, do not skip your doctor’s appointments… and like AXA says, get cancer protection before it’s too late! Check out our comprehensive cancer protection plan today: