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Cancer, I resolve not to fear you. Instead, I will outsmart you.
Cancer, I resolve not to fear you. Instead, I will outsmart you.

Cancer, I resolve not to fear you. Instead, I will outsmart you.

by Monday, February 1, 2016

Fighting for your life against cancer is all-consuming. Instead get started today by taking care of your lifestyle so you can stay happy and live with passion.

Cancer, I resolve not to fear you. Instead, I will outsmart you (Fight Cancer).


Mankind has been terrified of cancer for far too long now. A gloomy prognosis, followed by chemotherapy, nausea and hair loss and eventually being told to prepare for the worst.


The truth is at least one-third of all cancer cases are avoidable by means of a wholesome diet and lifestyle. And yet, cancer is on the rise. If that is the case, we must think anew – and positively – about cancer instead of lingering around for it to collide with us. We need to lose the fear of cancer and start seeing cancer for the great opportunity it brings – the occasion to transform our existence to one that is healthy.


Here is a health model – consisting of 12 recommendations – to help people who are recuperating from cancer or who want to avert cancer. By adopting these recommendations and making small changes to your life, it will transform your body into a cancer-slaying machine – a physique where cancer cannot thrive – in the long run.


Avoid exposure to toxins – at home, at work and especially in your food. As much as possible, consume organic vegetables because they are free from preservatives, artificial flavorings and colorings. Decrease your intake of meat to minimize ingesting hormones. Shun processed meat – ham, sausages and bacons – at all cost.


Give up refined (white) sugar together with all sweets and deserts made from it. Cancer cells count on sugar to survive, and starving them of sugar destroys them. Too much sugar also results in weight gain, and being overweight increases your cancer risk. Limit your fruit consumption to a couple of servings a day. Instead, eat more vegetables to obtain your daily dose of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.


Home-cooked food is the best. Zing it up with anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory herbs and spices like turmeric, ginger, garlic, chili powder, mint and parsley. Studies show that turmeric kills cancer cells, and that countries where people consume plenty of turmeric have low occurrences of certain cancer types.


Consume healthy fats and oils like avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, almonds, pine nuts and walnuts. Avocados, rich in oleic acid, a healthy monounsaturated fat, have been found to protect against breast cancer.


Include super vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, watercress and radishes in your meals. Studies conducted in Europe, the Netherlands, US, Canada and Sweden found that women who ate lots of these vegetables had a lower risk of lung and breast cancers.


Drink green tea like you drink water. Green tea slows down and prevents colon, liver, breast and prostate cancer.


Limit your intake of alcohol. People who drink more alcohol compared to others have higher bowel and breast cancer risks.


Quit smoking and avoid secondhand smoke.


Stay fit and lean. Perform regular cardiovascular exercises. Lift weights. Lower body fat equals lower risk of cancer.


Bask in the morning sun. Vitamin D production, through sunlight exposure, is key to preventing many types of cancer. Avoiding the sun altogether actually increases your risk of skin cancer!


Get at least 7 hours of snooze every night. There is a definite correlation between poor sleeping habits and increased cancer risks.


Manage your stress level. Give yourself some alone time and practice yoga, qi gong and meditation. These mind-body workouts increases your immune system’s natural killer cells that can help combat cancer.


Stay upbeat and be ahead of cancer at all times. Get regular screenings for common cancers. If the inevitable should happen, survival rates are high if the cancer is diagnosed and treated early. At AXA AFFIN, we provide you the protection you need, with the most comprehensive and affordable coverage and benefits focusing on cancer and early treatments.



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