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First-time buyer’s guide to AXA eMedic
First-time buyer’s guide to AXA eMedic

First-time buyer’s guide to AXA eMedic

by Thursday, October 1, 2020

Is AXA eMedic the right medical card for you? It’s good to be sure about your coverage and plans. Let’s begin by understanding what AXA eMedic is all about.

AXA eMedic 101 – Basic understanding

  • Online vs Agents

A traditional medical card is one you would buy with an agent. AXA eMedic is an online medical card, where we have made the buying process fast, easy and amazingly affordable without agent assistance.

The upside to the traditional method is the human touch – you get personalized service from agents and proper after-sales service. If you prefer speaking to someone and plan to get advice before making up your mind on a medical card, then we recommend going the traditional way, as AXA eMedic is fully digitalized with only virtual assistance.

  • Standalone vs Investment Linked Plan (ILP) rider medical plans

A standalone medical plan like AXA eMedic, pays for eligible hospitalization expenses and it does not carry any surrender value. AXA eMedic is fuss-free, renewable yearly and does not have surrender value by itself.

On the other hand, ILP rider medical plans are optional riders that have to be tied to a ILP life insurance plan. So more often than not, there will be a sum of money left behind for your beneficiary upon your demise from the Death Benefit provided under the ILP life insurance plan. There may also be a surrender value if you plan to surrender the entire ILP policy.

  • Inpatient Hospitalization vs Outpatient treatments

AXA eMedic is a medical plan which pays for eligible expenses while you are admitted in hospital. This product also covers post-hospitalisation follow-up treatments for a maximum of 60 days.
Tip: We also cover day surgeries which don’t require overnight stays.

If you are looking for a comprehensive medical plan with extensive outpatient  treatment benefits, such as kidney dialysis, chiropractors, physiotherapy and such, we recommend speaking to our agents and they will be able to recommend a suitable plan for you.

  • Clinic card vs Medical card

If you have a medical insurance plan provided by your employer, you may have access to both clinic visitations and hospital admissions.

Like most individual medical cards, AXA eMedic is a medical plan which provides coverage for hospitalization and related follow-ups. Clinic visits (both GP or specialist) are not covered under AXA eMedic.


  • Company medical card vs personal medical card

One major benefit of being employed is having company-sponsored medical protection. Medical benefits are a key pull factor for talents.

What happens when you move jobs or lose your job? Medical benefits are dependent on employment, after all. Enter AXA eMedic – the perfect supplementary card for those who already have company-paid coverage. It’s affordable and will come in handy in case the unthinkable happens to your job.

Tip: Always claim from your company medical card first – make use of your benefits! Also, we recommend buying eMedic with deductible. For any admission, claim from your company medical card first. Then if the limit of company card is reached, you can use eMedic for the same admission. That way, you do not have to pay a single cent!

  • Method of payment

You can pay AXA eMedic premiums via online payment methods (via credit card or autodebit), either on a monthly or yearly basis. We do not accept cash, or cheque for the time being.

If you opt for eMedic, do consider if you are comfortable with this method of payment as we don’t have agents to help with cash payment handling.

  • Individual policy or family plan

Are you planning to buy medical plans for yourself or also for your whole family? AXA eMedic plans are available for babies aged 15 days old to adults aged 49 years old. AXA eMedic offers a special 5% rebate for those who opt for our Family Plan, and an additional 5% if you choose to pay annually. Super cool perks!

  • Level premium vs step-up premium

Level premium means your payments stay the same throughout the duration of your medical coverage, whereas step-up premium means an increasing premium amount according to your attained age.

AXA eMedic is a step-up premium plan where the premiums are affordable and likely to be cheaper than most level premium plans, especially when you buy it at a younger age and when healthy.


Things to take note of while buying your AXA eMedic plan

  • Value for money

AXA eMedic is big on rebates and rewards! Our individual plans are as low as RM37 a month, and our Family Plan is as low as RM150 a month for a family of four (and you get to enjoy a rebate of 5%!).

On top of that we’re giving rebates for annual premium payments, free services from our partners BookDoc and Naluri and plenty of campaigns to reward our new and existing customers.

  • Fitting your budget

There are 3 plans to choose from with AXA eMedic, with RM100,000 being our highest annual limit. As we take no commissions, AXA eMedic has lower premiums compared to other medical plans sold by other sales channels.

It is important to consider what your preferred coverage amount is – will AXA eMedic be your sole medical protection plan, or do you have employment benefits/other medical plans already? Do you have a family history of illnesses which you are worried might manifest for you in the future?

If you’re looking for medical coverage beyond what AXA eMedic can offer, do consult our agents and they will able recommend you a medical plan that suits your need and affordability.

Do you know?
An average hospitalization cost due to common ailments such as dengue, influenza or diarrhoea, is around RM5,000 per admission. A complicated procedure like angioplasty can set you back around RM70,000, which is still much less than RM100,000.

Important note: AXA eMedic’s lifetime limit is non-exhaustive, so your annual limit would reset each year if you choose to continue to renew your policy.

  • What is a “Deductible”?

A deductible is a fixed amount to be borne by customer per hospital admission. We will reimburse the difference up to the eligible hospital expenses amount. For AXA eMedic, the deductible amount is RM1,000. Opting for deductible will reduce your monthly premiums payments significantly.

Tip: If you are medically covered by your company and you are interested to purchase AXA eMedic as your “second” medical plan, we recommend you to opt for deductible medical plan.


  • Health declaration

Time is precious! To simplify and shorten the AXA eMedic enrolment process, we rely on your full and frank health declaration to determine if eMedic is the right plan for you.

A gentle reminder: Your policy may be void and claims may be rejected should there be a misrepresentation in your health declaration.

AXA eMedic does not cover those who are already diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes. If you do have pre-existing illnesses, please approach our agents and they will able to recommend a right plan for you.

Tip: Please buy health insurance when you are healthy for cheaper premiums and to avoid rejection due to poor health conditions.

  • Day surgery vs normal surgical procedure

Because we understand some surgeries are urgent and important but take very little time, we cover day surgeries too. As with most medical cards, normal day surgical procedures are also covered under eMedic. For example, cataract surgery, which is considered a day surgery, is covered under eMedic.

  • Exclusions

We do have a list of exclusions that you may want to take note of, including pre-existing illnesses, self-inflicted injuries and many others. You may have a look here to see the full list of things we don’t cover.

  • Waiting period for usage

Standard waiting periods apply for AXA eMedic, except for hospitalization claims due to accidents. After 30 days of the issuance of your medical policy, we shall cover all eligible expenses due to common ailments such as dengue, diarrhoea, etc. For specified illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes, cardiac arrest and such, a waiting period of 120 days applies.

  • Claims process

There are two types of claims process. Cashless admissions in panel hospitals with guarantee letter (GL) issued by insurer is the most convenient and common way. You only need to use your NRIC to get yourself admitted for emergency cases (by informing the admission counter that our third party administrator is MediExpress and coverage is from AXA AFFIN Life insurance), and you even have the option to call ahead and get a GL prepared for you in the case of scheduled surgeries.

However, this cashless facility is not guaranteed. In some cases, as required by the hospital, a refundable deposit is needed. And if you have bought eMedic plan with deductible, then you will have to pay the agreed deductible amount when discharged.

If admitted on pay-and-claim basis, like admission in a non-panel hospital, you can download and fill in claims form and include supporting documents (medical report, original bill and receipt, investigation report, etc.). Submit the completed claim form and listed supporting documents to us. Claims should be submitted within 30 days from the date of incident.

Upon receipt of all documents required, we will review and revert with claim decision within 7 working days and upon approval of claims, we will make payment within 7 working days.

Important Note: Claims process for some cases can be longer than the above for investigation purposes.

  • Long-term affordability

As AXA eMedic is a step-up premium medical plan, it is important to consider long-term continuity and affordability of your medical plan. Please do go through our brochure to see how the premiums increase according to your age.

Rule of thumb
10% of your monthly salary should be your maximum of insurance premium. Nothing more!

  • What happens if I don’t declare anything but managed to buy AXA eMedic?

If you do not declare or if our investigation shows something suspicious, you are at risk of not being covered for any admissions or medical procedure.

We hope this guide helps you in making the right decision for medical protection – for yourself and your family.


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