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Is your dad one of these superheroes?
Is your dad one of these superheroes?

Is your dad one of these superheroes?

by Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dad. The first and most important man in our lives. He protects us, cares for us, guides and even inspires us. Just like a superhero!


And like superheroes, dads too come in all shapes and personalities. Here are some popular superheroes and their standout “fatherly” characteristics. Can you spot your dad in any of them?


Let’s celebrate Father’s Day by honouring his ‘superhero’ qualities.


It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s my dad


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Brave, kind-hearted and with a strong moral code. Like Superman, your dad has a strong sense of wrong and right, and respects the law. He’s someone you can always count on. What’s more, he’s inspiring. He doesn’t set any limits on what you can achieve. With his encouragement and support, you truly feel that you can fly.


Thank you dad for being the Superman in our lives.


My Dark Knight


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Here’s a man with a strong sense of purpose. He’s comfortable in social situations, but prefers to stay in the background, going about his work quietly and with dignity. Sometimes he may seem distant, but you know he cares. This dad watches over his family, long after they have gone to sleep. He can make the night special. Sometimes you join him under a bright moon, revelling in a magical closeness as he points out the stars in their constellations.


Thank you dad for your quiet strength.


Caught in a web of love


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This dad was recently spotted sneaking up behind his kids and giving them a surprise tickle. He’s a web full of fun and unpredictability. One minute he’s dashing off on a business trip and the next he’s swingin’ back loaded with gifts for the family. He has a wise-cracking mouth and regularly teases his kids. Beneath that goofy mask, he loves his family deeply and would climb the highest peaks for them.


Thanks dad for making life exciting.


Daddy bad boy


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This is the man your female friends whisper excitedly about. Your mom gets envious comments about how she managed to snare him. Strong, fiercely protective, and radiating a confident, rebellious aura. You love his straight-up honesty, wicked sense of humour and the fact that he remains unflappable even when you get in trouble. He can be stern if necessary, but when this dad wraps a tattooed arm around you, you know you’re safe.


Thanks dad for being cool.


Mr. Fix It


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He can fix anything around the house. Broken toilet, taps, door knobs… you name it. Even the neighbours call on his expertise regularly. He loves building stuff. He’s the person you run to when you’ve got a science experiment or arts/craft project. And when you’re facing personal difficulties, he’s always ready with practical advice. Or a mug of hot chocolate.


Thanks dad for the little things you do every day.


Captain of our ship


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He may have been in the army. The police force. Or perhaps an ambassador. This dad lives by a strict honour code and is generally patriotic. He has a strong sense of duty and responsibility to his country and family. He holds a leadership position at work and commands respect within the local community. He’s hardworking and persevering; a rock-solid dad who keeps the ship steady.


Thanks dad for teaching us to be good people and citizens.


Father Ferocious


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The dad with a temper. Your neighbours know when he’s in a rage; dogs bark, birds take flight, and the family runs hurriedly into the rooms to hide. Angry dad may be a fearful character, but he maintains discipline in the home. Plans run smoothly and things get done quickly. Occasionally however, he displays a soft side at surprising moments. Like the time you crashed the car and were expecting dad to explode. Instead, he hurries over and asks quietly if you’re ok. You see the worry on his face and realise that deep down, he really cares.


Thanks dad for your loud expressions of love.


My well of wisdom

charles xavier

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He’s the resident wise sage of the family. A man who reads and thinks a lot. Blessed with deep insight and experience, conversations with dad are usually enlightening. He’s the one you turn to when trying to understand a complicated subject, or when you need advice on choosing the right marriage partner. He’s a calming influence when facing a crisis, and the wisdom in his words stay in your heart for a lifetime.


Thank you dad for being a guiding light.


Be a superhero to your dad

How do you honour the man who has given you everything?


This Father’s Day, why not get him something special – cancer protection. Because even superhero dads can fall sick, and cancer is a disease that’s affecting more and more people every year. It’s why we have designed the AXA 200 CancerCare to provide protection that’s strong enough even for dads.


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Have a very Happy Father’s Day celebration!

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