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Jobless... and loving it
Jobless... and loving it

Jobless… and loving it

by Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Let’s face it. Most of us can’t afford to be ‘jobless’. That would result in loss of income which means that we wouldn’t be able to pay our bills, buy food or get that fancy new car.


All of us however face the prospect of leaving the work force one day. Some will do it at retirement, while others may accumulate enough money to stop working way before everyone else.


Whenever that happens for each of us, it should be an occasion to celebrate. Imagine what you could do with all that free time! Just thinking about it made us so excited that we decided to put together a list of things you can do when you’re finally able to go ‘jobless’.


Hunt Pokemon all day (and night)

No more fighting with colleagues or hiding in the toilet to find the little monsters. You will be able to ‘Go’ freely all over the world hunting the rarest Pokemons and advance to the highest levels faster than everyone else.

Retirement - catch pokemon

Image from Bookgasm


Act like a ‘tai tai’

You know those ladies of leisure who seem to do nothing but spend time chatting in the trendiest cafes every day? You can finally join them and discuss who is having affairs and who has the more expensive handbags.

Retirement - ladies of leisure

Image from Pond5


Get to know the strangers in your home

If your kids say “mama told us not to talk to strange men” when they see you, you’ve been spending too much time at work. It’s time to say goodbye to the office and say hello to your kids and finally learn their names.

Retirement - spend time with family


Become a millionaire entrepreneur

If you’re tired of the daily 9 to 5 grind, now would be a good time to break out and do something cool and unconventional. Be the next social media hotshot. Start an irresistible on-demand business. Aim to get listed or bought out by Google, and next you’ll be having tea and biscuits with Jack Ma on your million-dollar yacht.

Retirement - entrepreneur


Dive into the Andaman Sea

Love the beach? You can now clock-in to sun, sea and sand, spending endless days getting a tan, water-skiing and prying open fresh lobsters without worrying about work piling up at the office.



Close your eyes for a month

Going ‘jobless’ permanently means you’ll never have to set your alarm again. Ah sweet joy! You can laze in bed all you want, catch up on accumulated sleep debt and wake up feeling as fresh as a new-born baby.

Retirement - sleep


Ride like a VIP

Goodbye rush hour and 30-minute jams. You can leave the house anytime you want, enjoy clear roads, leisurely drives and arrive at the mall singing your favourite song at 2pm on a Monday.

Retirement - smooth drive no jam

Image from NeuroCritic


Take a selfie with Mona Lisa

You’ve worked hard for many years and it’s time to fly. Pack your bags and empty passport. Embrace the lovely charms of Europe, the wild eccentricities of Japan and the bustling streets of New York. The world at your feet!

Retirement - travel holiday


Run for president

Maybe there’s something you’ve always longed to do. Like join a social cause you believe strongly in. Start a café. Learn to play a musical instrument. Or even enter politics. With no pesky job to stand in your way, you’re now free to explore and realise your long-cherished dreams.

Retirement - dreams and goals


Enjoy a potential windfall

You’ve planned far in advance and have arrived at the gates of freedom well prepared. You have decent savings, a full EPF and your various investments are ready to be cashed out. In short, you’re ready to enjoy the fruits of your labour for the next few decades!


Whether you choose to take the conventional route or ‘retire’ at 40, you will need sufficient funds to support your desired lifestyle when you choose not to work anymore. It’s best to start preparing now and you can explore our MillionA savings plan that offers annual guaranteed payouts, non-medical limit of up to RM1,000,000 and more.


With the right plan in place, you can rest assured that when you do choose to go ‘jobless’, you will have financial peace of mind.


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