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Medical insurance for expatriates in Malaysia
Medical insurance for expatriates in Malaysia

Medical insurance for expatriates in Malaysia

by Thursday, December 6, 2018

First of all, if you’re an expat who is new to Malaysia, welcome and congratulations on making the decision to come over to this part of the world! Biased (but true) opinion: we have the best beaches, nightlife and food in the world!

With a long-term assignment here, you must be getting all your essentials ready. House, phone plan, transportation – wait, what about medical insurance? If you are covered by your company, that’s great, but is it enough for you and your family, or what about medical insurance for your domestic helper?

Fret not, because we have AXA eMedic, Malaysia’s first online medical card – now extended to foreigners as well!


We created AXA eMedic with the urban professional youth and young families in mind. We have made the buying process so easy for expats, where all you need is your passport and work/dependent visa to apply. Certain countries have been excluded, so do check if your country is eligible!

Available for those aged 2 weeks old until 39 years old, AXA eMedic is a comprehensive online medical card that is fully online and only requires you to answer 3 simple questions. It really is super-fast – no medical check-ups required!

With Malaysia known as one of the premier medical tourism destinations, you can be assured of first class treatment and facilities in our hospitals. AXA eMedic can be used for up to RM100,000 per annum, and you can renew your policy until age 80!

The best thing about AXA eMedic? It is as affordable as it gets! Our monthly payments will set you back only about RM50 or so – just the price of dinner and a movie date. That’s all you need for complete peace of mind!

If you have any questions at all, chat with Atom, our friendly eMedic bot, or send Michelle, our insurance advisor, a WhatsApp message with your queries. We hope to see you onboard the AXA eMedic train soon!

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