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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Give The Best Gift Your Mom Could Ever Thank You For
Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Give The Best Gift Your Mom Could Ever Thank You For

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Give The Best Gift Your Mom Could Ever Thank You For

by Friday, May 6, 2016

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Give The Best Gift Your Mom Could Ever Thank You For

Gentle reminder! Mother’s Day is this Sunday! Perhaps you have already bought her a special gift and made plans with the family.

Or, hmmm… Like the rest of us, you got lost track of time and oops, you just forgot! Well don’t fret just yet or go all hyperventilating on your last minute shopping spree. We’ve got you covered!

This Mother’s Day, we’ve compiled some special ideas to make Mother’s Day more meaningful for you!

Whether you are buying for your mother, your wife, or both, consider these 5 inexpensive and creative ways to celebrate the important women in your life – which they will love and cherish.


Create Your Own Flower Basket

There is nothing more warm and beautiful than the gift of fragrant fresh flowers. A top gift choice for any occasion, the beauty and ephemeral nature of flowers have a way of brightening one’s life. Flowers help to convey love in more than many ways. Its amazing scent can help create lasting memories.  Plus, buying an arrangement, or making one, goes a long way to show how much you care. While flowers can be a clichéd present for Mother’s Day, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a little more creative. So instead of going for a traditional bouquet and paying extra for arrangement costs, find your own simple vase and make your own flower arrangement.



Cook Her Something Special

If there is anyone you should make a home cooked meal for – its mom of course! Nothing can impress the kitchen queen than a nice home-cooked meal. So forget about those fancy restaurants. Instead, hone your culinary skills and whip-up some homemade treats she will truly enjoy. If you’re not a regular in the kitchen, making a big meal may feel daunting. So here are some simple strategies for you:

  • Plan your meal ahead
  • Prepare all your ingredients in advance
  • You could either make her breakfast in bed, treat her to a nice homemade cake or serve her a three-course meal for lunch or dinner.
  • Find simple cooking recipes on Pinterest to help you.



Go On A Road Trip To Some of Her Favourite Childhood Places

There is nothing quite like re-visiting old childhood places. This Mother’s Day, why not make it extra special for mom by taking her on a nice, lovely road trip to her favourite childhood places. It could be a visit to her hometown, school or the place where she use to spend most of her time growing up. You might be surprised – she would truly treasure this trip down memory lane. 


 Thoughtful Gifts

A well-thought out gift can be extra special for your mom or wife. If you are running out of ideas, here are some suggestions for you to consider.

  • Take your mom out on a well-deserved spa treat. After all any women would love a good and pampering spa session.
  • Sign up for a cooking class session for the both of you. This could give you both some quality time together. Plus, you might get to know each other a little bit more.
  • Instead of taking your mom out to some fancy nail parlour, treat your mom to a nice manicure and pedicure at home which she would really enjoy.




The best gift for the women you love this Mother’s Day is AXA 200CancerCare


Mother’s Day is indeed a wonderful occasion which gives us the rare and precious opportunity to appreciate our mother’s and wife’s with gifts and tokens of appreciation. But for those who have lost their mother’s to cancer – this Mother’Day can be a painful memory.

The thing is – many of us spend so much time thinking of creative ways to appreciate the women we love with gifts from the heart but the best gift can really be a cancer protection plan.

Truth is, having cancer can be physically, emotionally and financially overbearing. Recent statistics have shown that cancer is now the NO.1 critical illness in Malaysia with 1 in 4 people in Malaysia at risk of developing Cancer. Statistics also showed that 50% of cancer patients will be financially broke a year after diagnosis. However, according to research, most cancers are preventable if treated early.

Your best option is to get prepared with AXA 200 CancerCare before anything happens. From as low as RM1.50 a day, AXA 200 CancerCare protects you at any stage of cancer with coverage up to 200% of the cancer sum insured.

What’s more, with AXA 200CancerCare, you will have the advantage of access to information on cancer prevention and healthy living. And if the unexpected happens, you have the privilege to seek early treatment for higher chances of recovery, as well as full support assistance with AXA Care Benefit, through 24/7 concierge services arrangement to psychological and dietary consultation, hair and wig care services, transport arrangements and more.

Now, there is no gift more special than ensuring the woman in your life is protected from cancer. This Mother’s Day, show your mom or wife how much you care by giving them the best gift of all – the gift of life-long protection with AXA 200CancerCare.


Don’t let cancer take your loved one away. Start your fight against Cancer now!

Get protected with AXA 200Cancer Care.



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