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Prostate Cancer: Fourth Most Common Cancer Among Malaysian Men

by Thursday, June 15, 2017

A cancer that has short-circuited the lives of men worldwide is now seeing alarming incidences rising in Malaysia as of recent years. Today, prostate cancer has become the fourth most common cancer among Malaysian men, with rates expected to escalate.
Now the big question is;
1.     Are Malaysian men taking their health seriously?
2.     What prevention steps are they taking to stop prostate cancer from spreading?
Well, if your one of those men who are saying you will not fall prey to prostate cancer; or might say prostate cancer is not your thing; or are saying, why bother about prostate cancer?
Well, guess what? Here’s the deal. Prostate cancer does not discriminate. It can happen to any man, anytime without early warning. And if there is something all men should be aware of, is that prostate cancer is a silent killer, and it can destroy your life before you know it.
So do not take prostate cancer lightly. Take action now, because your life matters! Read: Why Malaysian Men Should Be Looking Into Their Prostate Health once they hit 50.

Prostate Cancer increases with age

When it comes to prostate cancer, Malaysian men need to know that, as they age their chances of developing the disease is fairly high. For most, this cancer starts developing once a man hits age 50 onwards. So, getting early screening starting from age 50 years onwards, is primary.

Family History Can Heighten Risk

As with all cancers, prostate cancer is no different. If you have a family history of cancer, it can certainly increase your risk, especially if it is a first-degree relative i.e. father, brother. With a family history of prostate cancer, you are twice as likely to develop the disease. Therefore, it is important to know your family health background and start taking care of your health now. Where cancer is concerned, screening for early detection is recommended as it could save your life.

Lifestyle and Occupational Factors

Most prostate cancers have been linked to lifestyle and occupational factors. Although men in the farming business have been said to stand a higher risk due to exposure to harmful chemical like insecticides, fertilisers, herbicides, this does not go to say that, prostate cancer is only exclusive to men in the agriculture or construction industry. Like it or not, in our daily lifestyle and workplaces, we are all exposed to carcinogens or cancerous chemicals every day, and therefore the risk is potentially high.

Health and Diet

According to research, men who consume a diet high in vegetables had a reduced risk of prostate cancer compared to those who consumed a diet high in meat and dairy. It is therefore important for men to pay close observation to their health and diet and if need be – remove or alter any unhealthy lifestyle conditions to reduce their risk in the long run. Don’t we all remember Popeye and his beloved spinach? Guess we should all start eating more spinach now!

Most prostate cancers have minor symptoms or none at all

Most prostate cancers in Malaysia were discovered at a later stage when the cancer had already spread and treatment was no longer possible.
Most prostate cancer patients experienced only minor symptoms or even none at all. Some of the typical symptoms include blood in the urine, frequent urination or difficulty in urination as well as bone pain. Still, these symptoms do not indicate that one has prostate cancer as it could be linked to other diseases.
Therefore, the wisest thing for any Malaysian men to do is to start going for an annual medical check-up as well as to start screening for prostate cancer once they hit 50.
Prostate cancer is a serious disease. Many factors including health, diet, occupation exposure and lifestyle are putting Malaysian men at critical risk today. In most cases, many men only find out they have the disease when it is too late. So, take prostate cancer seriously by going for an early screening and get strong cancer protection today!