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Protection: The Finest Gift for your Loved Ones
Protection: The Finest Gift for your Loved Ones

Protection: The Finest Gift for your Loved Ones

by Thursday, March 17, 2016

Your forehead glistens with sweat as your daughter’s 7th birthday looms. You thumb feverishly through the Toys “R” Us catalog and browse multiple online shopping sites in your hunt for the elusive gift. She probably owns every imaginable toy, you mumble to yourself, from the Barbie Rainbow Hair Doll to the Candy Craft Chocolate Pen.


Toys and the latest gadgets for the kids. Jewelry and vacations for the wife. They are wonderful presents for birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries. However, like most gifts, their novelty will be lost sooner than you can imagine. Can you then offer your son a gift that is more meaningful than the latest PlayStation? Can you give your wife something more profound than the most fashionable bracelet? Can you raise the bar and give your loved ones a gift that is timeless and ages with grace?


Yes, you can. You can provide your family with the protection they need.


The finest gift for your loved ones

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Give the gift of lifelong security. There is no better way to celebrate the lives of your children than to give them the gift of lifelong protection. Today, health care costs a lot of money. And unless you have your finances well devised, you may not be able to support your child’s dreams. Protect your kid with a medical plan so that, in future, he is shielded from financial catastrophe in the event of medical conditions that require lengthy hospital stays. Protect his aspiration to become a rocket scientist – amidst escalating educational fees – by providing him with an educational savings scheme. Sure beats giving him a remote control helicopter for his birthday.

Protection: The Finest Gift for your Loved Ones

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Give the gift of illness protection. Let’s face it. Critical illness can strike anytime, and when it does, it catches the entire family off guard. What’s more, with cancer being one of the top illnesses in the country, giving your wife a critical illness protection goes a longer way than presenting her with this season’s Louis Vuitton shoulder bag that she has been eyeing for a while. Medicine has progressed and survival rates have improved. Should your significant other experience a critical illness, this protection plan will allow you to pay for early and uninterrupted treatment, improving her odds of recovery.




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Give the gift of financial confidence. Did you forget about yourself? We hope not. Life is unpredictable. But it must go on. You can insure yourself to ensure the financial security of your entire family should you fall seriously ill or pass on. Well, the economy is just as volatile. But you have to make sure your wealth and lifestyle is protected. Give yourself the financial assurance by putting your money to hard labor so you can grow your savings and look forward to retiring in comfort.


The best gifts come from the heart, not the retailer. Think differently and give your family – and yourself – the gift of protection today. Leave a legacy that has positive bearings on their future quality of life. And if you need help in customizing the best protection plans for your loved ones, we are more than ready to assist you.

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