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Say What? Skin Cancer A Malaysian Issue Now!!!
Say What? Skin Cancer A Malaysian Issue Now!!!

Say What? Skin Cancer A Malaysian Issue Now!!!

by Monday, June 12, 2017

Coming from the tropics, Malaysians have long enjoyed the warm climate. From the good ole’ days when us kids simply savoured local popsicles like ais potong and ais krim pop, happily devouring the melting ice under the sun, to catching our favourite past time games, with no care in the world – come rain or shine.

These days, as grown up’s we are more than eager to walk in the scorching sun to scavenge the best street food that everyone’s talking about. No matter the heat – we won’t miss-it!

And just so you know, up until now, the heat was totally tolerable, the sun’s scorching rays were endurable. But, what about that issue with Skin Cancer!!! Eh,…suddenly everything comes to a standstill.


Say What? Skin Cancer A Malaysian Issue Now!!!

Skin cancer – a disease rarely spoken about and mostly talked about in the western countries now seems to be an issue – what’s more in a country like Malaysia. In case you are not well aware – we’d like to bring your attention to recent stats and current updates which all points to – Say What? Skin Cancer A Malaysian Issue Now!!!

1. According to the Malaysian, Third National Cancer Registry Report, skin cancer is accounted for 2.6% of all cancer cases in the country.

Skin Cancer - Woah... is it just me or the sun is super hot?
What? How could this be? Well, there is only one reason to it, the ozone layer in our earth’s atmosphere is depleting. The purpose of the ozon layer is to supposedly protect all plant and animal life, but due to chlorofluorocarbons or in short (CFCs) a molecule made of carbon, chlorine and fluorine from our refrigerants and plastic products contaminating the air, we are now forced to face the sad truth of our ozone layer eating away, consequently causing the deadly disease called skin cancer.
deadly disease called skin cancer
2. Living things need the sun to survive. However, too much of sun can also destroy our skin, eyes and immune system. You see, as the earth’s atmosphere loses its ozone protective shield, the sun’s radiation easily penetrates the earth surface. With the diminishing protective filter of the ozone, we become vulnerable to the sun’s harsh radiation, thus, making us easily exposed.


Skin Cancer - too much of sun can also destroy our skin, eyes and immune system

3. What are the odds of skin cancer decreasing? You bet…not a chance! As living things become exposed to the sun’s UV radiation, skin cancer is all the more on the rise. The World Health Organisation have claimed both non-melanoma and melanoma skin cancer to have increased over the past years.


I hate Cancer

4. Now, what does skin cancer look like? Skin cancer comes in two forms – non-melanoma and melanoma. Non-melanoma skin cancer consists of two main types, basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). SCC is usually caused by long-time sun exposure. With repeated exposure of SCC, it increases the risk of BCC. Good news! Not all skin cancers are deadly. However, melanoma cancer is extremely deadly, especially if it is detected too late.


Normal skin cells and tumor cells, Epidermis & Dermis

5. So to prevent skin cancer, Malaysians are better advised to reduce over exposure and to stay in the shade. Frankly, most of us are easily exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun’s UV radiation as well as other artificial products like sunscreen products – which contain carcinogen or cancerous chemicals.


Sun Explosion
Skin cancer if caught early is highly treatable! While reducing your exposure to the sun is a headstart, still having a cancer protection is key to saving your life. So get protected now from as low as RM1.50 with the affordable AXA 200CancerCare. Click here for a FREE Quote !

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