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Living our lives in a few clicks - How technology helps with daily life
Living our lives in a few clicks - How technology helps with daily life

Living our lives in a few clicks – How technology helps with daily life

by Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Hello there! Did you reach this article via Facebook? What will you do after you’re done reading this? Browse through Instagram, or watch something on Netflix? Maybe you’ll order a pizza online before you settle with your movie or series.

Okay, okay – you probably get what we’re trying to say. Like it or not, we live our lives online these days. Contrary to popular belief (and Black Mirror), the Internet has actually helped make our lives easy and seamless. Shall we count the ways?

  • You can buy groceries online

All of these at your doorstep, in just a few clicks!

Hello, convenience! A heaven-sent for working mums and claustrophobes everywhere, grocery shopping online is probably the next best thing after food online. No more worrying about parking or heavy bags, just a few clicks on sites like Tesco Online or Happy Fresh and everything from tomatoes to tissue paper will be right at your doorstep.

  • You can stream your entertainment online

The Internet = an endless sea of entertainment. From Spotify to Netflix and even our own homegrown iFlix, the Internet has 101 avenues for the best in show business. In fact, anything that can be made into a video (beauty tutorials, DIYs, travel tips, etc.) can be found online – just browse through YouTube and we bet you can find it!

  • You can buy food online

Can you tell this is a game-changer? So many of us work overtime, or two jobs, and don’t have the time to cook anymore. Don’t want to go out after a long day at work, and don’t want fast food? Food delivery is a commodity these days, and you can get all kinds of cuisines with just a couple of clicks. Awesome!

  • You can book holidays online

All you need is a device, some money and you’re good to go!

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’d have probably seen a TV ad for Trivago, a hotel booking app. Travelling has become so commonplace and affordable these days, thanks to the Internet. From flight tickets to hotels to even tickets for local attractions, the Internet has put the world in the palm of travelers’ hands.

  • You can buy clothes online

Living in an Asian country and being any size other than petite or average can be quite a bummer. Thanks to the Internet our savior, we can now get clothes for all sizes and shapes from all over the world – delivered for free! Other than the waiting time, there is no con we can think of with this arrangement.

  • You can catch up on news online

Fake news…or not? Thanks to the Internet, all of us in Malaysia have access to powerful real journalism from The New York Times, The London Times, New Yorker, and many more reputable and renowned media outlets. Just be careful where you source your news from!

  • You can track your fitness online

It’s so easy to be fit now, with so many apps available to help you on your journey. With the invention of apps and wearables like My Fitness Pal and Fitbits, technology has made it possible for health to literally be at our fingertips.

  • You can work online

Now’s the time to collaborate on projects from any corner of the world! Cloud computing has made it possible for someone in a remote corner of Alaska to make real-time edits to work done in Malaysia. We can thank Google for making spreadsheets and word documents accessible anywhere!

  • You can plan your entire wedding online

You can buy your wedding cake online too!

Believe it or not, it is absolutely possible to plan and execute a wedding using only online resources. Online marketplaces are a great place to find necessities like rings and veils (even wedding dresses!), while photographers and decorators can be contacted instantly using one of the many freelance-hire apps. Easy-peasy!

  • You can now buy a medical card online

It’s revolutionary! An online medical card for millennials is the best way to make medical protection accessible and affordable. Our AXA eMedic plan is tailor-made for young professionals with super-attractive benefits – find out more here:

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