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Thyroid: How Well Do You Know This Important Metabolic Gland?
Thyroid: How Well Do You Know This Important Metabolic Gland?

Thyroid: How Well Do You Know This Important Metabolic Gland?

by Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Thyroid: How Well Do You Know This Important Metabolic Gland?

There are many thing about our body system and functions that we do not really know well. Take our thyroid for instance. This important metabolic gland in our body plays a big role in keeping our body temperature right, aiding our digestion and helping our cognitive ability, without which, our bodies will not be able to covert food to energy.



But there is more to your thyroid. Here we address 5 most important facts about your thyroid:


  1. It has a butterfly-shape and it is located on the lower part on the front of your neck, right below the Adam’s apple.


  1. It is brownish-red in colour and it is rich with blood vessels.



  1. It is your body’s metabolic regulator.



The thyroid is made up of two main hormones known as T3 and T4. These hormones reaches out to every single cell in the body via the body’s bloodstream to regulate the body’s metabolic rate, temperature, heartbeats, the body’s use of other hormones and vitamins as well as the growth and maturation of the body’s tissues. The nerves that functions for voice quality also passes through the thyroid.


  1. During early stages of a child growth, the thyroid hormone plays a crucial role in brain development.



  1. The thyroid also helps to keep your body in shape.

When the thyroid is healthy it produces the right hormones for the body to maintain a stable metabolic rate so the rate is not too fast or too slow.

See how important your thyroid is! Your thyroid is vital for your body’s overall function, as well as growth and development. Which is why it is important to take care of your thyroid.

Today, thyroid cancer is the fastest growing cancer incidence affecting Malaysians every year.

While most cancers tend to affect older age groups, thyroid cancer on the contrary is becoming common amongst the younger age groups including children and teens.

The success for treatment of thyroid cancer really depends on the patient’s age, type, stage of cancer as well as the patient’s overall health. The treatments can be very costly and even if it is treatable, it can wreak havoc in a patient’s life. So it is important to get early detection, so treatment is possible.




Thyroid cancers can be aggressive and difficult to treat. Even when it is treatable, it can be expensive and stressful for the patient. So do not take any chances. Instead start taking of your HEALTH seriously by going for early screening today!

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