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What Is The Future Of Food? – Episode 2
What Is The Future Of Food? – Episode 2

What Is The Future Of Food? – Episode 2

by Thursday, March 17, 2016

As an Indian proverb says, “The wealth of the plains depends on the health of the mountains.” But today, some of our mountains are sick, contaminated by mercury and lead. This invisible pollution is affecting our water and food supply. The AXA Research Fund worked with National Geographic to produce a series of videos on food. Watch the second episode today.


The challenges facing our food supply and the future of food are important questions for the public and the international community. The recent Expo Milan 2015 made this clear with its “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” theme. The future of food is also a major topic for National Geographic magazine. The AXA Research Fund therefore teamed with the venerable institution to raise public awareness and promote initiatives to address food challenges, by producing three videos focusing on the work of scientists supported by the AXA Research Fund.


This series of videos highlights several initiatives taken to find and implement concrete solutions addressing multiple challenges related to food: reducing obesity, improving water and food security, and feeding a growing world population without endangering the planet.


Episode 2: How can we improve water and food security?

Soil pollution directly impacts the quality of our water and our food. Because the toxic effects of pollutants such as mercury and lead diminish only slightly, if at all, over time, it is our responsibility to repair past errors and find a solution to the problem.


This is why Dr. Sophia Hansson, a researcher in geochemistry, is studying soil pollution in the Pyrenees mountains. She is striving to prevent these mercury and lead residues in the Pyrenees from entering our water and food supply through the food chain – so she can ultimately protect people and society.


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