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What is the future of food? - Episode 3
What is the future of food? - Episode 3

What is the future of food? – Episode 3

by Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Episode 3: Can rice ensure our planet’s future?


In 2050, our planet will be shared by 9.6 billion people. How can we protect our global home – already strained by intensive agriculture and an acceleration of extreme weather events – and yet provide enough food for this growing population? Rod A. Wing, an American researcher at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and an AXA Chair holder, is investigating the genomes of different rice varieties in order to offer a solution.


Certain properties found in varieties of wild rice have been lost during the domestication process. Professor Rod Wing is working to trace these species and isolate their lost properties in order to provide rice growers around the world with higher-yielding, more nutritious rice varieties with a minimal environmental footprint.


In this latest video produced by the AXA Research Fund, in collaboration with National Geographic, follow Professor Wing to the Philippines to see how he is contributing to our planet’s sustainable growth!


Video Link: What is the future of food? – Episode 3

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