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When Cancer Hits: How do you react to a cancer patient?
When Cancer Hits: How do you react to a cancer patient?

When Cancer Hits: How do you react to a cancer patient?

by Thursday, November 3, 2016

When Cancer Hits: How do you react to a cancer patient?

This is an article I have been wanting to write for quite a long time since having the Big-C. What most people don’t know is that cancer takes its toll on a person in various ways, inclusive of the mental and emotional aspect as well. So, I cannot stress how important the emotional, mental, and even for many the financial support is to a cancer patient. This support can come from a mother, a father, sibling, relative, friends, and even acquaintances. However, many do NOT know how to show this support, and there were a few people I met or rather realized they were along the way through my journey with the Big-C, and I categorized them as the below:

The Pushers

Exactly like what they are called. When these people knew I had cancer, be it if they knew me or didn’t, I had text messages, Fb messages, and even personal visits from these people trying to push me products that could cure my illness, from cancer fighting blenders, to pills, to even clothes that can help eradicate cancer!

As a cancer patient, I was so overwhelmed with so much information, that at first, I bought everything which I could afford, then I realize that not all of it is good for me or will work, and I started to discern, but these people, although some may mean well SHOULD know that whatever they are selling/pushing may not work for everyone as each individual is different.

The Inquisitive Acquaintance

Yup, you got that right! These bunch of people who have heard through the grapevine and have not contacted you in a long time will message you asking about your health. At that time, I didn’t want anyone to know as I was in between surgeries, and was not very well, but all of a sudden, I have these people messaging me. I didn’t want to lie, so I just told them I’m not well BUT, the worse part is that they start spreading rumours about what you have and how you got it.

It gets difficult for a cancer patient when you are trying to dig information, when that person hasn’t shared. Please respect that person’s wishes.

The Hushers

Yes, these people wanted to hush everything up. They are the ones that classify having cancer as a weakness, and that you shouldn’t share it if you have it. Thus, even though I felt a calling to share towards my recovery period, I held back! Sometimes, sharing is a good way to vent, and you may never know who else you may find along the way that may be able to help you.

To be honest, cancer can happen to anyone at any age nowadays, and it’s NOT true that it only happens to bad people (someone told me that people actually think that!). If you want to show support, please just be there for that person, be that person that can give a lift to your friend/family if they need to go for a check-up, or to just talk to if they are undergoing chemotherapy. Be that person that does not just say take care, but takes the initiative to visit at the hospital, and visits you at your home.

Trust me, it’s the little gestures that count for a cancer patient. And, always respect their wishes on sharing their story to another person.

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