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You Are What You EAT!
You Are What You EAT!

You Are What You EAT!

by Thursday, December 22, 2016

This tagline is something I cannot stress enough. Time and time again many people have asked me to list my daily diet for patients/survivors or just about anyone to emulate. But, I am sure many of you have heard, different people react to things, even food differently.


We simply love our food

Pre-cancer, I was already eating clean as I was brought up that way, to stay away from red meat, eat more vegetables and fruits, and drink loads of water.

However, I’ve come to realize that as we live in Malaysia, many do not think the same, and food especially the greasy, fattening, and fried ones seem to be a weakness amongst Malaysians. Even for cancer patients and survivors I’ve met, they continue down the slippery path of eating char kway teow and other unhealthy foods.


Mind over tummy

It’s not wrong to eat what you like, but do everything in moderation, especially when you are afflicted with an illness be it cancer, diabetes, or even gout.

I have seen people who just by controlling their diet, managed to reduce their blood sugar level, and for some afflicted with gout, get off medication. You are probably wondering, how do we do that when we live in Malaysia or if our hobby is primarily eating?

That’s where discipline comes in. When you are about to touch your favorite food, like for me it’s rice, I do a substitution, and that for me is spinach as it’s healthier, and generally gives the same feeling as rice. It keeps you full too.

We would have to start using our mind against our tummy in a way, programming out mind to like things like vegetables and fruits more than the other unhealthy food in front of us.

Even when I eat out with friends, I would choose a healthier option on the menu rather than what everyone recommends because my stomach is different now after the surgery.


Make healthy eating second nature

With that said, do not go on the other extreme and count every calorie you eat. We are not here to go on a diet, but rather a healthy way of eating, and incorporate it into our lifestyle.

There’s a different between eating to lose weight, and eating for health. Just think of healthy eating as part of your lifestyle, and even get your friends on it, and it will make your life a whole lot easier.

It’s all in the mind, remember that, and good luck to a healthier you 😉

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