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Your Workplace May Be More Dangerous Than You Think
Your Workplace May Be More Dangerous Than You Think

Your Workplace May Be More Dangerous Than You Think

by Friday, June 30, 2017

Actors Brandon Lee, Vic Morrow, John Ritter, Tyrone Power, Red Foxx and television star Steve Irwin – what do all of them have in common?


Being an actor isn’t all Hollywood glitz and glam. In fact, sometimes it can be downright dangerous. The actors above have one morbid thing in common: They all died from incidents that occurred while on the set of the show or movie they were filming in.


Accidents happen a lot

While acting can be perilous, accidents in the workplace are no less common. These workplace accidents can occur for a number of reasons, resulting in injury or death. Employees need to stay alert and aware at all times to avoid accidents, while managers and supervisors need to know the most common causes for workplace accidents and be able to identify the risk factors early to prevent it. A conducive and competitive working environment may help the organisation to run its daily operation smoothly, and achieve its goals successfully.


Guidelines don’t always work

Considering how important safety is at the workplace, the Malaysian government has made efforts in executing safety and health policies through the enforcement of guidelines as well as conducting site safety seminars and certifications. Yet, records indicate that workplace accidents do and continue to take place despites the policies and guidelines in place.


Why is that so, and what are the most common causes of accidents at the workplace? What are the factors that contribute to workplace accidents and what can we do to improve or reduce occupational and office injuries or accidents?


Factors that lead to accidents

Based on several local studies, factors such as stress and fatigue, not taking proper safety precautions, improper workplace design, and inadequate training procedures are among some of the key factors that can compromise safety at the workplace, leading to accidents.


Safety at the workplace is one of the most essential factors that must not be taken lightly. Any compromise in safety could result in not only economic or commercial losses but also losses in terms of human life.


Education is key

To promote the development of a safe and healthy workplace, it is critical for the organization and employees to educate and raise awareness of safety guidelines and regulations in addition to strict implementation of these regulations. Employees who are committed to adhering to safety and health regulations are able to conduct their work effectively and efficiently, resulting in fewer accidents occurring at the workplace.


However, when accidents or injuries happen at the workplace, it should always be promptly reported to ensure that immediate action can be taken by the organization. Further inspection should be conducted to identify the factors involved in causing the accident and ways on how to prevent injuries or fatalities from occurring in the future should be discussed and assessed.


Steps we can take to avoid accidents

What are some of the precautions that we can take to avoid or reduce the risk of accidents or injuries at the workplace? Stress and fatigue, irregularities of scheduling, and over-work, all these will have an effect on the concentration of employees. As a result, companies should design a proper working schedule for each department that is in-line with the work requirements.  Employees who work at night should have enough rest during the day and they should be both physically and mentally fit to work at night.   Staff should also be motivated and made to feel comfortable while working. Grouses should be attended to by employers and management thereby making employees feel appreciated.


And it is not just the most physically demanding jobs that can lead to serious injuries. Working with a seemingly harmless mouse and keyboard can cause chronic injuries just as easily as hauling a load of bricks. In fact, repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel affect hundreds of thousands of people each year, and lead to tens of millions of ringgit annually in workers’ compensation claims.


As such, it is important to be constantly reminded of the importance of safety in your workplace. As a wise man once said: “The real enemy of safety is not non-compliance but non-thinking.”


Source: Beacon Hospital Malaysia


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